AI …Artificial Intelligence combined with Real Life Reality showcased in an english school project in Austria.

Greenhouse Gas Global Warming..fact or fiction. Fact is, since the „birth“ of the petrol driven engine, manufacturers have been aware of it’s detrimental effects.

Profit has driven the industry, combined with the oil industry.

Electric power, has since the ground-breaking experiments of Nikola Tesla, been well-known to be both environmentally friendly and highly-powerfully efficient.

Within just the last few years however we have seen incredible changes iin the attitude within the „petrol-driven“ auto industry. It’s no longer cool to be gas-guzzling environmentally blind.

The customers are dictating and demanding changes.

The forward-thinking manufacturers are now delivering to savvy, environmentally aware customers.

Manufacturers such as BYTON and TESLA  are striving do provide an E-Mobility package, combining ease of purchase or sharing, with environmentally friendly and cost-efficient usage.

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